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What is the SBus

The SBus is a family of high-speed data buses (corresponding to the physical OSI layer) optimized for high-density packet communications. They are fast and robust, even in high-load networks.

What does the SBus family consist of?

The SBus family currently consists of the original SBus, also known as SBus22, and the new SBus32. SBus22 has 22 serial lines by two directions, as well as frequency scaling and over-line power. SBus32 has 32 serial lines per direction and over-line power.

What does the SBus project do?

The SBus project creates and documents the standards, code, and schematics used in the SBus family. You may help out by donating to our project:
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The SBus designs, schematics, documentation, code, and operation, as well as the SBus logo (), are all © Accela Labs (copyright holder is John Ohno unless said company incorporates), and licensed under free licenses.

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Our code (including the schematics, which are coded in a TkGate extention to the Verilog netlist format) are licensed under the GNU LGPL, which allows proprietary extensions. This does not mean that modifications to the original can ever be proprietary! Read your licenses, folks; that's what they're there for!

All documentation and standards are under the GNU FDL. Thus, you may make proprietary implementations of our standards, but you may not make proprietary extensions. Once again, if in doubt read the license.

The SBus logo, and all other logos provided in the sbus-symbols and sbus-logos packages in the sbus-misc section of the SBus SourceForge site, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license, with the following attribution: all people viewing/using this icon must use it for the proper symbol on all SBus devices. In other words, the SBus symbol must be used for SBus22 or general SBus, and the SBus32 symbol must be used to designate all devices and plugs used for SBus32 operation (such as routers, interfaces, cables (if manufactured specifically for the purpose), and marking every jack or receptacle on each of these devices capable of utilizing any SBus protocol or specification). By viewing the image, this license, or any transcription of either, you agree to abide by this license, and must therefore follow the terms stated herein, or else you have voided the contract and will not be allowed to use any SBus standard, code, or derived work. and all content within are © their respective owners. Statements made by and in SourceForge and its respective content, as well as advertisements, postings, mailing list discussions, code, documentation, and other content do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of Accela Labs, the SBus project, SourceForge, OSDN, or individual members of any of the above, and thus cannot be considered legal cause for suit or other legal action.

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